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Feeding Animals Complete Food Suite For Your Pets

Our Pet Shops In Dubai

We provide the high quality Dubai pet food to the cute tummies to your pets and which is hygienically prepared in our pet shop Dubai and arrange in a highly innovative packing under the best suitable environment. Pet food Dubai is prepared by the master-class creators and proving their skills to be best known overall to produce pet food Dubai. This shop is officially registered from the best authentic needs which eventually getting higher positions among this country, known as the leading pet supplies Dubai.

“If you are starting to feed your pet a new food, refer to the 7-Day Transition Schedule for dogs or cats. A gradual transition from the current food to a new food helps wean your pet from one food to another.”

“You can make pet food gravy to mix with the dry food by adding a few tablespoons of warm (not hot) water to the equivalent canned pet food. ”
“Meal feed your pet by measuring the appropriate daily feeding amount of food and placing it in your pet’s bowl. If you are feeding your pet more than one meal during the day, divide the amount into the number of feedings for the day.”

Dubai Pet Food

Animal food is the basic need of your pet which provide it the best nutrition ASAP and you can easily get these splendid stuff from our web online pet shop Dubai and our destination also.

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Complete Care

Otis Feed & Tack, takes pride in taking care of your pets and providing them with healthy foods and nutritious for healthy lifetime with you.

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