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Otis Feed & Tack was formed up by two Western-trained friends creature vets, Dr. Baynard York and Dr. Kim Nielsen. Their concentration were to enhance and close the hole for request and supply issues that numerous veterinarians confronted.

From the beginning, Otis Feed & Tack sustain and attach tried to be something other than a merchant of veterinary items; it looked to increase the value of the customer’s business and raise industry measures locally.

Over 10 years after the fact we have assembled a notoriety for being the go-to mark for buddy creature facilities in the UAE and past, – and for worldwide veterinary organizations looking to work together in the Middle East.



  • Put the Customer first
     – We put our clients at the heart of all that we do. We tune in and dependably endeavor to give our client’s needs first.

  • Act with Integrity.
    – We “do the correct things right”. We are transparent. We speak straightforwardly. We won’t relinquish uprightness for business pick up.

  • Convey magnificence
     – We take pride in our work, endeavoring to enhance at all circumstances, going past desire.

    Take individual responsibility. – We assume proprietorship and liability to convey comes about.

  • Work as one group
     – We cooperate as one group through transparent correspondence – We regard, trust and tend to each other. We have each other’s backs.

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”

Groucho Marx

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently perform surgeries on Tuesdays and Thursdays because our kennel space is somewhat limited.  When animals spend the night following a surgery, we do not have enough space for new surgery patients until our post-operative patients are taken home.

Please take their food away by 10:00 PM the night before surgery.  We will feed them once they fully recover from anesthesia.  There is no need to limit their access to water at any time.

We usually allow a patient that is neutered to go home the day the surgery is performed, but any pet that is spayed and/or declawed generally spends the night here at the clinic.  You may pick up animals that spend the night for a surgery at your convenience the very next day.  In some circumstances, we may keep your pet for a longer period depending on the type of procedure and the severity of the animal’s condition.

Spaying or neutering your pets can greatly reduce their risk of developing many types of cancer later in life.  Spaying your animals will also reduce/eliminate the chances of your pets developing a uterine infection called a pyometra which can be a life threatening condition.  It may also decrease or even eliminate unwanted behaviors such as aggression or running off. 

We generally recommend waiting until your animal is 4 months of age to try to avoid any urinary incontinence issues from spaying or neutering them too young.  We also try to spay animals before they have their first heat cycle because doing so greatly reduces their risk of developing mammary tumors.

Bad breath, inflamed gums, plaque and tartar buildup, and loose teeth are all of great concern when it comes to the health of your animal’s mouth.  If you notice any of these signs, please bring your pet in for a dental checkup or schedule a dental cleaning. 

Yes.  Heartworm disease is very easy to prevent but very difficult and even life threatening to treat.  We recommend testing your dog for heartworm disease before starting on the preventative.  If you miss a dose or doses of heartworm preventative, please consult with us immediately.

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Typically, a repeat injection is needed annually, as long as your dog has had his initial course (two vaccinations two to four weeks apart). Kennel cough vaccination, which is given as liquid up the nose rather than an injection, needs to be repeated every six months to maintain immunity.

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